We were challenged to integrate beer with Italian food and fashion.  For Italians, conducting business over lunch is a way of life. And we're not talking big boozy sessions you can't walk away from. Peroni Leggera would celebrate and herald the return of the business lunch. Partnering up with the restaurant industry - quick 1 hour lunch menus would be created at restaurants all over Australia, and through a series of initiatives supported by Peroni, get business men back making deals over a meal.
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 Through Peroni's association with Australian fashion festivals, we wanted to create the ultimate branded giveaway that would actually help shape the fashion during the festival itself. Tied around Peroni bottles and distributed at events throughout fashion festivals, the fashion square can be turned into gentlemanly pocket squares, head scarves or handbag decorations for the ladies.
 Through the use of technology, Peroni creates the ultimate personalised visualisation of Italian style. Your photograph will be captured at Peroni events, or entered online, where your image will be turned into an artistic illustration to create the perfect branded keepsake.
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