A little bit about Gibbo.

Nick's career began by studying Business and Communications degrees at Monash University, before turning to the dark arts of copywriting.

After honing his skills on various big name brands around Melbourne, he spent five years in the Middle East working within the Y&R network. He won many awards in the region and rose to become Creative Group Head, before returning back to Australia.

Nick boasts extensive ATL and digital experience across many categories in particular airlines, alcohol, banking, FMCG, telecommunications, real-estate and retail.

Nick places a strong emphasis on building brand ideas using channel neutral thinking. He's a creative that understands the digital consumer - instead of writing just to the medium. He can effectively map out user experiences using multiple consumer personas. He has a firm grasp on SEO friendly copy and has a successful track record of creating contextual content for clients.


PH: 0439 514 955

Email: n_m_gibson@hotmail.com

Twitter: @Gabasneh