Our challenge was to make content generating ideas for the 18-24 year old market.     Goodbye Boring converts a ski run at the snow into an augmented reality, real life game. It's an experience like 'Mario-Kart' on the slopes as we capitalise on corporate partnerships with Threadbo and Dragon glasses to bring the experience of a lifetime.
 Carlton Dry sponsors many surfing and outdoor events. The only problem with that - your beer gets warm at the beach. But not with a self-cooling beer can - a product innovation appearing on a beach near you.
 The Now Experience allows Carlton Dry drinkers to enjoy the festivities at a music festival without getting stuck behind a camera capturing the memories for the day.  Drinkers will be given a piece of wearable technology that monitors and charts their precise movements at a music festival. It will then curate and seed content to your social media streams which is relevant to the exact bands/ stages that you were watching: such as photos of bands and playlists.
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